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new teeth

Bet you thought I'd never post again, but here I am. Procrastination at its best. Each day it gets a little tougher, since we've done a bit more. In fact, you may not even know where we are now. We have relocated to one of the original 13. Since my last double collage post on the 8th of February, when we were fresh from a visit to Pike's Place Market in downtown Seattle with Aunt Shelly and Logan we feel a bit like the Johnny Cash tune "I've been everywhere, man." From Seattle to Kansas City, down to Adrian to visit the Oates side, onto St. Louis to the Ski side, to Kentucky for some amazing grub (Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville)to Charleston, West VA to see friends for a Valentine's day visit, and now here to Virginia.

In Adrian, the boys got to play with all of their cousins in a 24 hour period! Henry's smile was permanent. The kids really enjoyed themselves at Grandma Janet's and Grandpa Scott's while performing plays and stories together. Unfortunately, another video camera moment missed. And little Raquel is growing into a beautiful little lady, with her adoring brother at her side, helping Rachel at every opportunity. What a great big brother!

St. Louis spoiled us when Grandma Nancy sent Bryce and me out for an anniversary dinner date while she put the boys at work dipping chocolate strawberries and making us valentines. So sweet! Thanks mom!

We feel so fortunate having spent so much time with family in the last 6 weeks and still recount all the fun had with everyone, and many thanks to the Parrish family for all of their hospitality during our time in the Northwest.

Getting to our house here in Virginia went smoothly (mostly) and we are happy to have a great big place (with the dreamiest kitchen EVER) on Claytor Lake,off of the New River, near Blacksburg (home of Virginia Tech University) Christiansburg, Floyd and many other tiny towns all brimming with history and culture. Haven't explored too much since we've arrived, given the foot or so of snow on the ground and cold temps, not to mention the twisty, twirly roads out here, but when it warms up here pretty soon, we're sure to have lots of hiking, fishing, and other outdoor fun. I just hope I can find my way back when we do wander out.

One more thing. Henry is growing a new "Big" tooth! He hasn't quite lost the one in front of it, but its on its way out, and when it does, I will surely cry enough to bring the New River to flood stage. How did I get this way?

We miss all of you and hope to hear from you, and perhaps see some of you in the coming weeks. We have the space after all, so come on out ya'll!


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