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The fun continues with the Oateskis

Hello All,

Okay, so it has been awhile. A little over a year ago, we completed our USA tour and settled down in St. Louis, MO. It was a busy year, living close to Jenny's parents and Grandfather as well as aunts and uncles. We also joined the St. Louis Homeschool Network and made a great group of friends.
We visited all the museums, took classes, volunteered, learned karate, soccer, baseball, Jenny taught some swimming and art, we also saw an opera, plays, the symphony, and hosted lots of guests from old pals in Columbia to cousins from the great state of Washington. It was so much fun that, well, we're leaving. Now tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, we are off.
Off to the opposite edge of this great state (as now that we are back, Bryce is sure to never leave its 'walls' unless it is for an under 2 week period) to start an all new adventure. Oh yes, you all will have lots to laugh, cry and hopefully, marvel at, even participate in this coming year. The Oateskis will be building a home on the Oates farm-ily compound. With a generous gift of space, the Oates' are allowing us to carve out a little spot in the woods for our homestead. So, tomorrow, here we go. I will post pictures often and surely lots of stories will ensue from this new endeavor, so please, follow along on the blog (publicly or privately) for all the fun. We hope to hear from you and even more so, hope that some of you will make the trek to come on out and be a part of the action. Please join us. And we're off....

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